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Let’s start with some of your biggest questions:

Why is the FDA putting these regulations in place now?

  • Two thirds of adults and kids are overweight or obese in the United States. These regulations are part of the Affordable Care Act and intended to help combat obesity.
  • 55% of families eat out at least once a week. These regulations will help people make more informed decisions on what they choose to eat.
  • 60% of customers already use calorie information to make dining decisions.

Will my restaurant be required to label our menu?

  • If you have 20 or more locations nationwide, you will need to comply with the new menu labeling regulations.
    BUT: Smaller restaurant chains may have an opportunity to relieve some of their state-level regulatory burden through federal compliance.

When will my restaurant need to have labeled menus in-store?

  • The FDA has given restaurants one year before the rules come into effect, but all restaurants will need labeled menus by December 1, 2015.

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